Our process

Our comprehensive site design process is for land owners and land managers at any scale. Our clients include farmers, homesteaders, private institutions, landowners, startups, government agencies and non-profits that work with the land to develop thorough mapping and a planning framework that guide decision making.

We utilize holistic management, keyline, and permaculture principles in our design process. By taking the whole picture- landscape, climate, business, relationships, individual capacity- we create plans to help rural land stewards restore the landscape.

design Considerations


  • Light availability

  • Rainfall

  • Frost dates

  • Storm frequency

  • Air drainage

  • Altitude/latitude


  • Water quality

  • Drainage patterns

  • Water table

  • Available surface water

  • Flood frequency

  • Catchment systems


  • Identification of existing plants and their properties

  • Forest type and age structure

  • Density

  • Exotic invasive species present

  • Plants to be cultivated

Soils and Geology:

  • Soil type: sand/clay/loam

  • Soil chemistry

  • Drainage

  • Soil depth

  • Erosion

Energy Flow:

  • Wind direction and velocity

  • Solar access

  • Stream gradient

  • Energy sources


  • Contour

  • Aspect

  • Slope

  • Aerial imagery

Available resources:

  • Natural resources

  • Views

  • Money/markets

  • Community infrastructure

Management considerations

  • Holistic planning

  • Organizational structure

  • Historic land use

  • Decision monitoring